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(D)rug Install Shot #3
(D)rug Install Shot #2
(D)rug Install Shot #1
(D)rug Install Shot #4


2019 - Cardboard, hemp paper, and artist tape.


(D)rug is a conceptual art piece exploring the notions of making art when you're not making art. Lane explains that the project was based around the idea of utilizing the downtime and the busy work of his day to day to create a piece of art. The objects used in the piece are squares of cardboard, from cigarette packs, business cards, etc., that at one point in time he delicately rolled into a hemp paper to serve as a filter. "These are items that are handmade by me but not originally made to be art objects. The data that dictated the number of roaches in each row was gathered while I was working as an installer for SCAD." The height of each of the paintings Lane hung gave him the numerical value of each row. The tape served as a border creating a greater sense of subjectivity and a presence of negative space.

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