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Out West

2019-Present - mixed media on panel

Out West is a series Lane is currently working on and one he is very passionate about. Lane grew up in South Texas with a mother that raised show steers to raise money for herself to go to college, and a father that to this day competes in amateur team roping competitions. To make things better he is even named after the bull rider Lane Frost. This is a series that is very True to him and his upbringing. The pieces focus on narratives and imagery of the old west but with a hyper-saturated  impressionistic  aesthetic. The paintings reference old outlaw country music songs, and the general struggles of the lonely drifter in the west. The paintings feature figures in moments before death, or worse moments before deciding anothers fate, and yet they are bright with surprising color relations forming, and direct complementary color mixing. When asked why all the painting focused on these somewhat morbid themes and characteristics, Lane responded "well the stories and themes come from these songs I grew up hearing, Willie, Waylon, etc..." Lane said he heard Willie Nelson say in an interview "all my songs are sad and about sad times cause who wants to sit down and write a song when times are good?" 

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