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At Eternity's Gate

Julian Schnabel is a successful painter and film maker a like, allowing him to approach film with a closer understanding of the mind and creative process of fellow painters. Schnable's more famous previous work is entitled Basquiat, followed the life of the young New York painter, and in his most recent work has told the in-depth story of Vincent Van Gogh and his struggles in life not only with his painting but also his manic depression and anxiety attacks. Most know that Vincent was not accepted by the general public as an artist and was not appreciated to his fullest until long after his death but the film does a terrific job of portraying just how alone he was not only with his work but with his way of thinking. The film is incredibly personal and at some times somewhat disorienting with many scenes filmed following the actor as he chased the sunset or rushed franticly through his studio to gather materials for his next piece. The casting for the film is spot on with the actor playing Vincent upholding a shockingly spitting image of the self portraits Van Gogh has left behind, there were points where i almost forgot that i was watching a film based on Vincent instead of one with him within it. IF you get the chance weather a fan of his work or not i would definitely recommend taking a look at the film, if you are a fan of Vincent you will love him even more, if you don't then you will gain a new perspective and possible new found respect for the work he created.


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