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Isle of Dogs

This year at the SCAD Film Festival along with Julian Schnable's film i was also able to attend the opening for the exhibition of the mini sets, and puppets used to make the film Isle of Dogs, directed by Wes Anderson. Each set was displayed on a standing structure, with the different characters from the film placed in them, creating an almost 3-D snapshot of the film. The sets where meticulous, and well made, with the largest and most popular cave of throw away bottles and other garbage that extended back into space creating a kind of anti-relief sculpture. Within the cave sat the majority of main characters in the film all looking at attention back out upon the viewers. The artistry and detail put into these sets was magnificent, allowing the viewer, despite the scale, to become immersed with in them. It was a very interesting change from the passive state of the average movie goer to that of someone who is having an interaction between them self and the story the film tells.


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