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Personal Color Palette

In my recent body of work i have chosen to limit myself in my color palette to allow more focus to be put on the conceptual side and the shape and form relations. I have chosen to stick to a primary color palette to helop further my concepts behind the work I'm making. I use the colors we all come into contact day by day, elevating the everyday just as i do when choosing a composition. I use Fire Escape Red, Handicap blue and caution yellow, all in a hopes to find a connection with my viewers. When focusing on subjects that are not the easiest to explore and bring up conversation about i believe it works to my advantage to have these bright friendly colors that we are all used to, as a means of drawing in the viewer. I sometimes worry that i have pigeon holed myself into the use of these 3 colors exclusively, but for now i believe it is beneficial for my practice to have these parameters i have set up for myself and my practice.


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