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Richard Serra's Ribbon

When visiting LA, this last summer I had the privilege of making a stop at the LACMA, and in a gallery all to itself sat this beautiful metal sculpture. With one wall of the gallery being completely glass windows the room was flooded with natural light. Richard Serra's piece flowed back and forth in and out, with each panel more beautiful than the last. The oranges and browns from the oxidation created stunning textures that bent around one leading to the next, moving from interior to exterior fluidly. As the walls tighten up around you, you cant help but start to feel a level of uneasiness standing so close to these larger than life plates of metal, standing in the midst of something on that scale has the power to give anyone the sublime notion of irrelevance almost the same you get when looking up into the vast night sky. Serra's piece like many others of his created in the same vain in simple in form but grand in scale and grand in the over abundant possibilities in effect on the viewer.


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