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Wendy white and her Jofas

Wendy White, Graduate from the Fibers MFA program took part in a group show at the SCAD museum this fall, where she featured her interactive sculptures, she refers to as Jofas (jean sofa) and wall mounted pieces to accompany them. The Pieces Wendy creates are heavily rooted in the political climate we find ourselves in. All of the denim is recycled mens overall and blue jean, that her and a team sew together to create these furniture and wall pieces. When asked if there was a reason she used mens denim only, she replied, "ohh yeah, just look at whats going on in this country...Im using denim from the same working class men that fueled the candidates that lead us to the situation we find our selfs in now." On top of the critique of the Patriarchal struggle she makes references to deregulation of environmental protection, big oil and coal industry, using iconography associated with such industry. To accompany the jofas viewers are provided with photo books of national parks and natural treasures this country possess but you will find smudges of black ink across pages and logos slapped over others all making reference to the destruction and loss of these great treasures that we have seen under this administration.


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