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 2017 -  MIni-DV cassette tape

Trimmers is a time-based piece made up of a recording of a performance Lane put on during an open studio event in the spring of 2017. In the performance, Lane sat along the wall of a space, in nothing but underwear, shaving his head taking breaks only to attempt to place the hair back on his head to begin the process over again. The Hair on our head can be so intrinsically linked to our identity. In the performance, Lane places himself in a position of extreme vulnerability allowing the viewer to witnesses the intimate stripping away of this notion of identity. With the frantic motion of Lane attempting to undo these choices placing the hair back the viewer is reminded of regret and self-loathing, he is placing the inner conflicts that we all face out in the open, tearing down THE WALL that we all have all been taught to build to protect us from each other.

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