Lane Hoggard

     Lane is a fine artist currently based in Savannah, GA, where he works as the director of The Loft, a contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Downtown. Lane received his B.F.A. in painting at The Savannah College of Art and Design in 2019. What began his curiosity for fine art and still drives it today is the nature of the sublime. He believes that all great art makes references, or even better, evokes a sublime experience. With Lane's large scale abstract pieces he is interested in creating perceptual shifts, through the building of texture and color relationships. All of this is in an attempt to evoke this same sort of psychedelic sublime he finds in all great art work.
    Lane was first taught the tradition of oil painting and glazing before moving onto his abstract work. It is these lessons that he attributes to his comprehensive knowledge of color, tone, and value relations. Lane was taught that you must first learn the rules and why they are important to be an informed rule breaker, and create art work that is impactful and intentional in its execution. Lane talks about the life of the Artist as a life of constant pursuits of knowledge. “It is a learning process that never ends, but only evolves, and while to some this very notion may be overwhelming, I see it as another layer to the sublime aura of art and the life of an artist. The very idea of eternity is a sublime notion, and if there is no end to art making only continued progress, art making in itself is sublime and to me thats a beautiful thing!”
    Above all it is clear that Lane wants to have fun and allow others to have fun around him. His liveliness in and out of the studio is contagious, he loves to feel the energy and let things flow and above all enjoy himself and the company around him. It is obvious that he loves the work he makes and he loves doing it, and he hopes that his work can bring others as much joy as it brings himself.


Represented by:

Anarte Gallery/San Antonio/TX

SCAD Art Sales/Savannah/GA

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