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At the completion of my bachelors degree I was able to put on a solo show featuring some of my work from the past year. This body of work consisted of predominately large scale abstract pieces with sometimes subtle and sometime overt references to Christian iconography. Some of these references and figures where more traditional depictions and others being more obscure pop culture parallels I have found. My goal with these works is not to convert anyone or to celebrate christianity but it is rather an attempt to remind people of the values and morals that this religion and every other major religion was first based upon. To be good to you neighbor to be good to your spouse, etc. When you hurt someone else you hurt yourself, and when you make someone else happy it makes you happy, and thats prof enough to me that we are all one. I am YOU and what I see is ME.

In my recent body of work i have chosen to limit myself in my color palette to allow more focus to be put on the conceptual side and the shape and form relations. I have chosen to stick to a primary color palette to helop further my concepts behind the work I'm making. I use the colors we all come into contact day by day, elevating the everyday just as i do when choosing a composition. I use Fire Escape Red, Handicap blue and caution yellow, all in a hopes to find a connection with my viewers. When focusing on subjects that are not the easiest to explore and bring up conversation about i believe it works to my advantage to have these bright friendly colors that we are all used to, as a means of drawing in the viewer. I sometimes worry that i have pigeon holed myself into the use of these 3 colors exclusively, but for now i believe it is beneficial for my practice to have these parameters i have set up for myself and my practice.

Sole Soul is the MFA show by Amis. His work is focused around footwear and the connection between them and the identity of the individuals that wears them. The show features over 20 paintings and an installation of shoe boxes stacked up into an almost pyramid structure, Each painting features a different pair of shoes, most at a 3/4 view with 4 larger pieces of the soles of various shoes. The paintings are individual yet universal in a way that allows the viewer to draw connections with the pieces and there own experiences. The show is well hung and executed, and the pieces carry a certain unifying quality through brush work and compositional design .The show is up in Alexander hall until the 28th of November.

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